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Monday, 13 August 2012

Bollywood Star SRIDEVI's Birthday Gift

On the occasion of his birthday, Sridevi Director Balkli hostess with the trailer for his next film Vinglish English!

Sridevi celebrates her birthday today. Filmmaker Balki gave her a special gift today. He presented the trailer for his next film Vinglish English!

The trailer for his film Vinglish English was launched on his birthday today! English Vinglish marks Sridevi returned to the big screen after 15 long years! Sridevi plays the central role of a housewife, who enrolls in an English speaking course in order to overcome the complexities of the language barrier abroad.

Produced by R Balki and directed by debutante Gauri Shinde, the first teaser of the film was very well received. The official movie trailer three minutes was launched on his birthday at an event attended by the cast and crew of the film including Sridevi.

"It's really sweet of Balki and Gauri to decide to launch the theatrical promotion for the first time on my birthday," said an emotional Sridevi who plays the protagonist in the film.

Here's wishing a very happy birthday Sridevi again!

Brazilian court was dropped the case of Facebook

BRASILIA: A court on Saturday overturned an order that would have blocked access to Facebook in Brazil for a day after the popular social networking site of the U.S. refused to pull a page that includes illegal political matter.

An election tribunal in Florianópolis, capital of the southern state of Santa Catarina, overturned the ruling also included a fine of about $ 25,000.

Facebook was accused this week by the electoral court judge Philip Siegert Schuch refuse to comply with an order to remove a page considered offensive to local councilor Dalmo de Menezes, who is seeking re-election in October.

The information from the candidate was negative and anonymous, which is illegal in Brazil.The U.S. company said in a message to the AFP he was satisfied with the new standard.

Sensex up over 75 points

MUMBAI: After three days of negotiations opaque, the Sensex rose on Monday for more than 75 points for purchases of FAG to the consumer durables, capital good energy and PSU shares before publication of the data July inflation on Tuesday.

After resuming lower in the morning, the benchmark BSE continued indifferent to trade in the first half and knocked down the day of 17,522.10. However, the emergence of strong buying activity in the closing stages of trading the index rose to 17,642.38 points.

The Sensex finally settled at 17,633.45, up 75.71 points or 0.43 percent above the previous close. HDFC which won 3.71 percent, generated increases in the Sensex. Sterlite, Maruti, Bajaj Auto, Bhel and Bharti Airtel gained between 1.7 to 2.7 percent each.

Similarly, the participation rate of 50-NSE Nifty rose 27.50 Monday, or 0.52 percent, to 5,347.90.

"Markets generally expect the government to formulate and implement key reforms that give impetus to the economy," said Nidhi Sarswat, Senior Research Analyst Bonanza Portfolio. The Sensex has lost 44 points in the last three sessions as cautious sentiment prevailed.

Reports that the government could resume privatization plan by selling shares in Bhel and Sail investors also cheered, said Milan Bavishi, Head-Research, Inventure Growth and Securities.

Among 30-stock Sensex, Tata Motors took the 11 counters ended lower. HUL, MotoCorp Hero, Hindalco and Tata Steel lost about one percent each.

Brokers said sentiment has also improved following plans market regulator SEBI to announce sweeping reforms in the mutual fund and IPO space.

Is this value of the rupee?

MUMBAI: The rupee weakened in recent months is seen as more negative among the various macro-economic numbers. However, the local currency stood at the mid-50 s against the dollar could benefit the trade balance by $ 120 billion

According to a report by Credit Suisse, 50 is probably the new 40 of the rupee with the USD-EUR appear to have achieved the balance at this level. As businesses and consumers accept this level as the new normal are not huge implications for the economy. Last week marked a year of S & P downgrades U.S. - A move which caused a sharp fall in the value of the rupee and other currencies, as investors sought the safe haven dollar. "We estimate that about one billion U.S. $ 60 of imports can be substituted, and U.S. $ 60 billion of exports could see an increase (with the solution of the rupee in this light)" , the report said. According to Credit Suisse, boosting the economy would be limited, since $ 120 billion is only about 7% of GDP. "But this is consistent with our thesis that concerns about a crisis in the rupee is crazy," said the report,

After spending fourteen years in the 40's is the national currency seems to have stabilized in most mid-50, with any forex trader talking about it dates back 40 years. While India has traditionally had a current account deficit, the currency has been under pressure in the last 12 months, the dollar is gaining ground thanks agaist the euro to the European crisis. At the same time, no signs of a resumption of capital flows, there is little room for the rupee to gain from current levels.

The report has tried to CS segment of companies sensitive to exchange rates in three categories: products that are imported because of "unavailability", "lack of capacity ',' cost advantage 'and the report constraints. the "capacity" highlights Bajaj Auto - cheap motorcycles exported worldwide, the auto-parts maker Bosch, drug manufacturer ABAP Division, Cummins generator set manufacturer and battery manufacturer Exide Industries, the beneficiaries of a rupee weak.

The report is more optimistic in the IT manufacturing companies and jewels that are considered natural beneficiaries of a weak rupee. "While exports of jewelry are the second largest category after gross exports of petrochemicals, which must necessarily be accompanied by imports of rough diamonds and gold / silver / platinum," said the report. IT sector has also been constrained by high domestic wages, but the fall in the value of the rupee means that in dollar terms wages have returned to FY07 levels. "This should help offset most of the decline in profitability as the pyramid is compounded by the slowdown in growth," said the report.

British man has been arrested for raping seven-year-old

LONDON: A British man has been sentenced to nine years in prison after being convicted of raping a girl seven years old, and taking pictures of his act.

The police questioned James Felton, 34, of Lancashire, after being approached by teachers concerned about the child's behavior, reported The Sun.

Is said to have acted in a moment of madness.Felton
denied wrongdoing, but officers recovered two images of rape on his mobile. There was also porn pictures and a video of an animated character with the face of a child to have sex with two people.

Janet Iron field, defending, told Preston Crown Court that the violation was "opportunistic and impulsive."

Felton said that was not sexual interest in children, but admitted the violation, possession of extreme pornography and indecent image of a child.

US army gets first gay as Army Officer

A U.S. Army officer Tammy Smith has become the first openly gay person in the country to be promoted to the ranks of brigadier general. She received her star's wife, Tracey Hepner, the first time it was officially recognized as a partner, your partner in a military meeting.

Women is raped by her relative

Jamnagar: A woman in Khambhalia has accused her brother of rape and attempted murder.

Khambhalia police said the woman, a widow, said in its complaint that after the death of her husband seven months ago, his brother Yogesh Joshi was raped twice.

The victim testified that on August 4 Yogesh again tried to rape and when she protested, threw a burning rag in it with the intention of the fire. We booked Joshi in Sections 376, 285 and 506 (2) of the Penal Code of India and launched a persecution against him as he walked run after the complaint was registered against him, "said a police official Khambhalia.

45% attended RPF Examination

ALLAHABAD: The test was performed RPF in various centers throughout the city on Sunday. About 45% candidates appeared in the exam. Railways had made ​​arrangements for the proper conduct of the examination.

The examination was carried out from 11 to 12:30. The review was conducted in 61 centers in the city. Candidates were seen by a straight line to the various centers of the right of the morning.

There were 100 questions in the examination of GK and mathematics. The examination was carried out for selecting sub-inspectors of the railway protection force(RPF). Additional coaches joined in many regular trains. Train number 54104-Allahabad passenger Chunar was extended to Mughalsarai. Two additional coaches attached in the Bundelkhand Express from Allahabad late Sunday.

Mother 2012

AHMEDABAD: Expelled from home for their children, 85 years old, Chauhan Lilavatiben has moved the court for filing a case against two of his sons under the Domestic Violence Act.

Chauhan family originally came from Anjar in Kutch district, but had settled in Guna, Madhya Pradesh, for business purposes. Laljibhai her husband died in 1987, entrusting the property to its name.

In 2010, the old woman made ​​a statement that the property, including a three-story house in Punjabi Mohalla in Guna, a couple of shops and ornaments, to be distributed equally among her five children. He said that was not treated well by family members, but after his return, things got worse.

In her complaint, she said she was expelled from the house in November last year. At that time one of his grandchildren, even took over one of the shops and refused to leave. One of his daughters, Dayaben Sawalia instituted a civil action with respect to the property. Finding it difficult to live in Guna, Chauhan came to Ahmedabad and started living with one of his granddaughters-Gunjan in Shilaj Road.

His petition alleged that she was harassed by her children only, but is not even enough food to eat, that forced her to leave home. Through his lawyer Apurva Dave, appearing for the old pro bono, he moved the court in March this year. The lawyer said that the complaint has been filed under Article 18 of the DV Act for harassment and its calls for the house back to assert his right to remain in Article 19 of the law of their children - Naresh (59 ) and Bhupendra (48). 

Lawyer Dave said that besides demanding Rs 12,000 for temporary residence, Chauhan has sought Rs 25,000 for two children. It has also asked the court to direct their family members to pay Rs 15 lakh to the compensation for harassment and nuisance property despite having in place.

Acting on his complaint, court magistrate MR Shukla sought explanations for their two children, whose attorney was filed with the court at a later stage. The court hearing held on 1 September.

CCTVs go off as jewellers switch off at night

CHENNAI: The police have long been campaigning for the installation of CCTV in jewelry stores. Now they have found that jewelers in North Chennai CCTV off before closing their stores.

Jewelers said they turn off the power supply to avoid fire accidents as a result CCTV lose their purpose. Some others said that disconnecting the power supply to save energy.

During a meeting held last week with jewelers from North Chennai, the police were surprised to find that most of them still tend to avoid fire accidents. A police officer said senior jewelers do not realize the importance of CCTV. Even if a theft is no possible way to trace the culprits, no pictures, he said.

Meanwhile, police also said they were planning to visit the jewelery shops in the afternoon as there has been an increase in the theft of daylight.

We planned to visit jewelers during lunchtime. Thieves strike during noon time when employees go out to eat, "said Assistant Commissioner of Police (MKB Nagar) Govi Manoharan also said," .. We are regularly instructed the owners of jewelry stores in the safety aspects "

Police have also instructed jewelry to publish two security guards for at least ten shops in the locality. Also addressed for transporting valuables in a vehicle with four wheels instead of a two-wheeled vehicle in which the largest number of thefts occurred in the recent past.When the value is carried out in two wheels becomes easy for thieves to loot the jewelry.

Sushil Kumar to be rewarded Rs 1cr by Delhi govt in London Olympics 2012

NEW DELHI: Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit announced on Sunday a reward of Rs 1 crore wrestler Sushil Kumar, who became the first Indian to win a silver medal in freestyle wrestling at the Olympic Games in London.

In a press release issued by the government of Delhi scored just ten minutes after the title Kumar, Kumar Dikshit congratulated on behalf of all Delhiites.

I, on behalf of all congratulate Sushil Kumar Delhiite to create history by winning the silver medal. The whole country is proud of him through his dedication and hard work. He has brought laurels to the country, "he said.

He is the first wrestler in India to strike silver in wrestling competitions in the Olympics. "Every Indian is proud of his achievement more ambitious. His dedication, hard work and apt training proved successful. Sushil has led the laurels of Delhi and the country," he said.

Kumar recorded his name in the annals of the country, the sport's history by becoming the first athlete to win back-to-individual Olympic medals, having won a bronze medal at the 2008 Beijing Games.

New courses in BS College : Magadh University

Patna: BS College, Danapur, one of the oldest constituent colleges of Magadh University (MU), has finally won approval from AICTE to start teaching in the MCA and MBA from the academic session 2012-2013 the main university Pravin Kumar said.

According to Pravin, the two courses will be of great assistance to deserving students who are interested in pursuing job-oriented courses. The AICTE has allocated 60 seats each in MBA and MCA said.

BD College: College of BD administration has installed cameras CCTV in classrooms and all departments of the university. Will be operational after August 15 to keep a close watch on the activities of students and teachers at the university.

In addition, all departments are linked to exchange directly with matters related to their academic interests, college principal BN Ojha said.

BBM Location: About 48 students of BBM College BD, who died this year, were introduced to a private company on Saturday. The company is likely to hold an interview for its location next week, said DP Singh BBM coordinator.

RPM: RPM College, Patna City, who have completed their admission process for undergraduate courses, it is likely that school starts again after August 15.

The college has 150 seats in science and 400 seats in the arts for girls, said a senior professor of the university.

Water from thin air

CHENNAI: Soon, thousands of students from 60 schools in Chennai will receive drinking water from nowhere.Chennai Corporation is working to establish air Dehumidifiers (AME) in 60 schools, which convert atmospheric water vapor.

Power Corporation said machines take in air and cooled to the point where the water vapor condenses. This water is collected and passed through activated carbon microns and UV filters. And the machine lets out fresh and purified water. The civic body had recently installed a pilot project, along with a private company, Akash Ganga, to provide drinking water in its School of Chennai, Saidapet.

A corporate officer of high rank said: "We wanted to ensure the quality of drinking water in schools so we are planning to install exhaust humidity at an estimated cost of Rs 67.32 lakh is in 60 schools.". If you are successful, the machines would create other schools too, he said. However, the machine needs a continuous supply of electricity. It consumes about 0.4 units of energy to produce one liter of clean water. The machines will be installed at a cost 98 000 rupees each and can produce up to 120 liters a day.

Upto 2016 India-Thailand highway to be ready

NEW DELHI: A 3,200-kilometer trilateral highway linking India, Myanmar and Thailand will become a reality by 2016. India has given a loan of U.S. $ 500 million to Myanmar, some of which will be used to finance the road, said Anil Wadhwa, Ambassador of India to Thailand.

In an interview with Thai newspaper The Nation, Wadhwa said the four days of the India-ASEAN Summit to be held on December 19 will focus on connectivity with ASEAN countries. Moreover, the sources said, the president of Myanmar, Thein Sein, Thai Prime Minister Shinawatra and Yingluck Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is expected to meet on the sidelines of the summit to boost trilateral highway project.

Wadhwa said the viability of the road was complete and construction would begin shortly.The trilateral highway, which is also being funded by the Asian Development Bank and World Bank, will open the northeastern states of India to Southeast Asia. "This will connect India with Myanmar all the way to Mandalay. After that, we will connect with a place where the Thai authorities are building a road, which is 63 kilometers from the border between Thailand and Myanmar," Wadhwa, as was cited.

The trilateral highway project will allow trucks and moving of the container through the borders of India to Myanmar and Thailand through Chiang Rai and border cities. It will play a crucial role in promoting trade and investment flows in the three countries, creating jobs and other benefits, "he said.

"We hope this will benefit the North East India as well as four of our states are on the border with Myanmar, especially if there is connectivity to ports, as provided Dawei deep-water port and industrial zone in Myanmar" , Wadhwa said.

Man raped his stepdaughter

Barasat (24 Parganas North): A man aged 48, was arrested on Saturday for the rape of his 14-year-old stepdaughter in Barasat. Gopal Mitra,

The defendant, a resident of Barasat Pannajhil, the kept the girl locked in the house and raped her several times over the past two years since the death of his mother, said the complaint of the girl. Had threatened the girl of dire consequences if she dared to tell the neighbors about their situation.

On Saturday afternoon, after the man - a supplier of stationery goods - had left for work, the girl managed to open the room and went straight to the police station to lodge a complaint Barasat. Police arrested the owner of the store on Saturday night. He has been in legal custody for 14 days.

The girl has been sent to a home Liluah.In its complaint, the girl has accused the 48-year-old of raping her and keep her locked in a room. Also mentioned that his stepfather did not allow you to interact with neighbors and had forbidden him to leave the house. He was not allowed even to go to school.

The neighbors were shocked to learn of the incident. Said they had no idea that the defendant had been abusing the girl. Some said they suspected something was wrong because the child was rarely seen. "But we had no idea that something as horrible as this was happening," said a neighbor.

The girl's mother Deepa Das married the owner of the store after the death of her first husband Jhantu Das

, Five years ago. But she became ill a few months of marriage. According to locals, she suffered from severe stomach problems, but made no effort to get treated. His condition kept deteriorating until he died two and a half ago.

That's when the defendant began abusing his stepdaughter. He took her out of school and was forced to stay home. Later, he would stay with him when he was locked out. He regularly assault on her and allegedly raped several times.

The police swung into action immediately after the girl had been filed. He waited for the store owner at his residence. The defendant was arrested when he returned from work. "The complaint is very serious and the accused is in judicial custody. In addition, we are investigating the case," said a police officer.

Drugs in India, US

NEW DELHI: The recent seizure of party drug ketamine in Jaipur by the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) has made a number of U.S. citizens on the bench. The IRD, which is to share information on the case of the U.S., has discovered that more than 100 shipments of the drug were mailed to several people in the U.S. in small amounts.

Since all deliveries are documented, the DRI is the identification of each individual and share the details with the U.S.. The decision is expected to break the chain of international cartel between the U.S. and India. The New Delhi zonal unit DRI had seized 100 kilos of ketamine from an employee of 50 years old, Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation (RTDC) and his son on Friday pharmacist. "The accused, identified as Mukesh Bharadwaj (employee RTDC) and his son Rahul, packing 250gm anywhere between one kg of ketamine in small parcel and the same people in the U.S., either by a courier company or the top of India's postal services, "additional DG, DRI (New Delhi area) RK Sharma said.

The IRD has seized several documents detailing these shipments. Through these documents, the agency is to identify recipients of shipments and share information with the U.S., so these people can be detained and questioned.

"Since we have used the postal and courier services, the recipient each and every one is identified. Hope this will help us learn more about the operators of international drug cartels and break the chain between the U.S. and India, "said an official of DRI.

Research has also found that the defendant had gotten almost all your medicines in Delhi. The sources said that the defendant acquired the drug in a kilo Rs 1 lakh and sold on the international market of Rs 10 lakh a kg.

They made a Rs 2 lakh clean each kg after sharing the profits with middlemen. "We are in the process of identifying the person who bought ketamine from Delhi and arrested soon," he said.

The agency suspects that Mukesh, by dint of being employed in the tourism department, used his contacts in the tourism sector to get customers and visitors a way to find a market in the U.S.. "We hope that the interrogation will shed some light on the drug transactions related to tourism. This is a big problem the world faces the parties where drugs are channeled through the tourists to different places," said DRI official. This is the second major bust of ketamine by DRI in three weeks. Previously the agency had busted an international cartel and seized 650 kg of ketamine in New Delhi. 

Farmer’s arrest: Mamata Banerjee accused of Nazism

KOLKATA / NEW DELHI: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, was criticized Sunday by sending a farmer, Shiladitya Chowdhury, who claimed to Maoist era to jail for asking an awkward question at a rally in Belpahari, Midnapore.

While the CPM was predictably scathing about the senior leader Nilotpal Basu said that unemployment rose to autocracy, BJP, which usually refrains from being critical of Banerjee, said that political parties can not respond to flee questions.

However, it was the Press Council of India Markandeya Katju President was of the most ruthless, the parallels between the rule of drawing Banerjee and Nazism. Banerjee Katju said the actions amounted to "flagrant abuse" of the state machinery and the "flagrant violation" of constitutional and human rights.

He said the West Bengal officials who detained the farmers, Shiladitya Chowdhury, should take lessons from Nuremberg trial where Nazi war criminals took the argument that they were only following orders from Adolf Hitler, but were executed.

Katju said he had changed his mind about Banerjee who had praised before. "She is totally unfit to be a political leader in a democratic country like India, since she has no respect for civil and constitutional rights of citizens and is completely dictatorial, intolerant, and capricious in their behavior," he said, before adding that "marks a Maoist student Bhardwaj Taniya during a television program simply because she had asked a question. also obtained a Jadavpur University professor arrested for their supply chain cartoon".

Nilotpal Basu said the government is "using state institutions to act against people who ask questions" and lamented that the West Bengal government was not even a little tolerant of criticism. But Congress played it safe with Rashid Alvi spokesman said: "The problem is with the state government. Do not know the facts and have no information about the incident. We can not comment."

Jnanpith and Magsaysay award winner Mahasweta Devi said: "That he spoke frankly their fault? This should have been avoided." Written by Sunil Gangopadhyay said: "The basic foundation of democracy is freedom of expression. This is an insult to democracy".

Chowdhury, selected for a program of CRPF, was dubbed Maoist Banerjee at a public meeting in the former Maoist stronghold Belpahari on August 8. He was arrested when asked what steps he was taking the CM to help farmers. Chowdhury had said that farmers were dying and that "empty promises were not enough." Banerjee was surprised and asked the police to arrest him.

BJP Nirmala Sitharaman said: "Politically, political parties can not flee when asking questions and we must respond. They have to respond. The action in people is not appropriate.

The resonance of the criticism was seen on social networking sites. Mamata Banerjee was one of the 10 most trending topics for most of Sunday. Brien Trinamool Congress MPs Derek O 'and Kunal Ghosh took to Twitter to discredit. "A man who enters the" D "of a Z-plus VVIP mood provocative and offensive, is it normal? The police arrested him correctly. Not play politics with this issue," wrote Ghosh. "How in 72 hours, a" farmer "became a" bus driver "in a super high security zone Maoist?" Asked Derek.

Man denied bail who questioned Mamata Banerjee

Calcutta: A West Bengal court Monday rejected the bail petition of a man who was arrested after he had publicly questioned the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, on his government's policies to farmers.

"The court of the assistant chief judicial magistrate (Jhargram) Monday rejected the bail petition Shiladitya Chowdhury. He is now in judicial custody," his lawyer said Ashwini Mandal.

Chowdhury, a farmer marginal, was arrested Saturday in West Midnapore district Jhargram for "disrupting a public meeting and assaulting police officers." It was then referred to the legal custody of 14 days.

He has been charged in several non-bailable articles of the Penal Code of India, one of which carries a prison sentence of 10 years.

While Banerjee was addressing a public rally on July 8 in a Maoist stronghold about 170km from Calcutta Belpahari, Chowdhury stood up and asked. "Farmers are dying because they have money are not enough empty promises What are you doing for farmers.?

Stunned by the question, an angry Banerjee was immediately branded a "Maoist" after which Chowdhury was arrested and taken for questioning by police.

"I have information of the Maoists have sent agents to create disturbances at this meeting. Catch it. Be sure to create problems," said Banerjee.

Chowdhury was, however, allowed to go that day, but was arrested Saturday morning. The arrest prompted a strong reaction from all sectors, including the Press Council of India President Markandey Katju, Banerjee who denounced as "totally dictatorial, intolerant and capricious.He called the action a "flagrant misuse" of the state machinery and the "flagrant violation" of constitutional and human rights.

Aadhaar is valid address proof for investors : Sebi

NEW DELHI: Market regulator Sebi said today that investors can use Aadhaar cards as proof of valid address for your accounts with brokerage firms, mutual funds, portfolio managers and other capital market institutions.

'Aadhaar', a 12-digit individual identification issued by UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India), and is allowed as an identity proof valid in the capital market.

Other documents may be used as proof of address in the capital market: a passport, driving license, voter ID card, ration cards, bank statements and utility bills, while valid documents identification test also include PAN (permanent account number) card.

Aadhaar also allowed as valid proof of identity documents and proof of address in the KYC (know your customer) procedures for opening bank accounts, insurance, telecommunications and many other services.

Now, Aadhaar can be used as "proof of the Directorate of Know Your Customer (KYC) standards of capital market, Sebi said in a circular issued to investment funds, brokers, depository participants, managers portfolios, alternative investment funds and collective investment schemes, including market entities.

In consultation with UIDAI, Government of India, has now decided that the letter issued by Aadhaar UIDAI is admissible as proof of address, in addition to its now recognized as proof of identity, "said Sebi.

Sebi has informed the same to the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) and KYC Registration Agencies (ARC) as well.

UIDAI was created by the government in 2009 with a mandate to give all residents a unique identification number linked to demographic and biometric information of the resident, they can use to identify themselves anywhere in India, and to access various services . This unique identification number was later named 'Aadhaar.